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Workshop Details ~ Elements of a Successful Photo Shoot.

Hey all, here is all the Workshop deets, sorry I am slow at getting this up but hey I am new at this and busy trying to make the workshop killer. I tell ya it is tough writing about  what we are doing…why you ask?  Because there is so much to share, where to start,w hat to include and what I need to leave out so there is some surprise for ya you all

Once again it is a tad late we do have a lot or registrants we have a couple spots last I check out  and that was 2 ish yesterday afternoon.

Gett’r done. See ya’ll on Monday

Workshop Details.

We’re going to head into the studio and create some artistic images with Brittany, Alex & Dina.  This will be a great meet up to practice posing skills, lighting skills and to get to play …oh and work with some gorgeous models and very sweet Motorcycle.  Make sure to have a look at the inspiration images.

In addition you will get one on one time with Dina to talk about creating that relationship with the model from the models perspective.  Continue Reading…

Workshop Poster

Light & Shoot It Workshop

Pretty excited to announce that I am doing a first for me, we are putting on a Photography workshop. I have teamed up with Parktown Studios to put on an amazing workshop with some even more amazing people.  First off, wait till you see the studio space – a 1700 square foot studio – 59ft long, 29ft wide, 25ft ceilings, 12×12 loading door at rear of studio.

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Alex Orr at Petrie

Last days of summer

I  once heard a Helmut Newton interview and he said”… if you can not find anything to photograph within 3miles of where you are your not seeing.”  I am paraphrasing and I could be wrong on the quote totally but you get the idea.

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