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…some of 2018.

Hi there,  thanks for clicking over.  I hate to call this my best of, in some ways yeah sure it is, but in another way and mostly just some of my favourite shots that I shot over the year.

Hope you like, I sure enjoy doing the yearly recap, it is always fun to walk back over the year and see what one has achieved.

Please have a look, a share and remember if you need a friendly neighbour photographer , please contact me!

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Sam Hunt

Boots & Hearts #BH5

Wow, time flies these days.  Boots & Hearts was a couple weeks back, August 4th to the 7th in Barrie Ontario.  Helluva festival, a tad on the crazy side, not the most insane fest I have been to but getting there.
With that said, when you are pushing 46 000 people for a show, you know some stupid showed up.  But the people were great, the grounds awesome, and they treated me amazing. I got to meet some great photographers  and writers from all over … be sure check out some on twitter:

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The Red Rails

A Quick 80 photo RBC Bluesfest 2016 recap

Well this makes it official over, RBC Bluesfest.  Another incredible fest right here in our back yard.  A big thanks to all the bands, the volounteers and those with Bluesfest  that make it happen and of course all those people that pay for those tickets that make it happen.

This week after a long hiatus from my blogs, as some of you may know, may wive gave birth to identical twin girls back in February, so with that said I am sure you can see where my blog time has gone. Continue Reading…

2015 Fave Concert Images

Happy New Year!

Here it is, curated by me over the last well…hour, since well I left it till now. Some of my favourite images from 2015.

Thanks to all the musicians, promoters, management, media, labels and all that FANS that keep live music ALIVE!

My favourite thing in the world to photograph …a ROCK N’ ROLL  show.

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Guitar Solo

Working on doing some BEST OF’s for 2015 be sure to check out more self curated galleries over the next couple days before 2015…as well head over to the music E-Zine I shoot for over a

Putting it  all together now but check this out a wicked 10 shots in a row of AIRSUPPLY’s guitarist given’r they are gonna have a good little Sean Sisk Best of…

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An evening with Alan Doyle

Great show Saturday night at Centrepointe Theatre  Alan Doyle! I got to be there and photograph it with amazing freedom that I don’t normally have.. Can’t wait to share. The B&W is Alan roaming the halls getting in the ‘zone’. Packed house, everyone was up dancing and he wowed the crowed for over 2 hrs . Then as a gracious host, he hung out with those that waited till after midnight, signing, chatting and get his pic taken.

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Some of my favourites from 2014

Happy Friday!

Another year over…well almost.   That time of year to recap what has been. Truthfully I should be processing not reminiscing about that past 12 months, but it is still early in the day, lots of time to get it all done.

I wanted to take some time and share a few of my favorite images that I got to be part of from this past year…2014.

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Kira, Autumn Hill & Rory

Hey All,

Just thought I’d share a bunch of images from Kira Isabella’s  THE SHAKE IT TOUR that stopped in at Algonquin the other night . I was covering the show for NEW COUNTRY 94.
Make sure to check out their Facebook page the night after those country shows.  Make sure to head over to New Country’s Facebook page for some Eric Church, Dwight Yokam & Brandy Clark photos we shot as well.
I’ll be covering lots of country shows that come to town and you’ll be able to see the images on New Country‘s page or The New Star 96 Facebook pages. For updates, behind the scenes, and who knows what, follow along on my Facebook page; Sean Sisk Photography.

Some cool news coming up soon. In the mean time see ya all at Tim Hicks, Randy Houser & Dierks Bentley on December 2nd.

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Angela & Chris

A couple weeks back, I get a message on Facebook, from Angela.  She is ready for competition and sadly the photographer she booked fell ill.  Angela and I had a few back and forth emails.  Took a bit of work but she agreed to let Corey do her make up : )

We spent a couple hours on a Thursday afternoon i October  at the Gym they train outta and this is some of what we did that day.  This is what we got.

If you are looking for a Personnal Training hit them up they look good and are really good people.  You can find them at

Got lots of stuff, more soon when I get more time to process ‘em . Was a great shoot. Thanks for finding me Angela.

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Black and White: 5 Day Black & White Challenge

I was recently nominated by a couple of my friends Sandy Sharkey & John Rowlands to take part in the 5 Day Black & White Challenge.  Quite simply, post a new black and white photo every day and then nominate someone else to do the same thing.  The “rules” were pretty loose, no need to have shot the photo that day for example.  I ended up sharing a mixture of older photos, and photos that I hadn’t previously gotten around to processing.

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Workshop Details ~ Elements of a Successful Photo Shoot.

Hey all, here is all the Workshop deets, sorry I am slow at getting this up but hey I am new at this and busy trying to make the workshop killer. I tell ya it is tough writing about  what we are doing…why you ask?  Because there is so much to share, where to start,w hat to include and what I need to leave out so there is some surprise for ya you all

Once again it is a tad late we do have a lot or registrants we have a couple spots last I check out  and that was 2 ish yesterday afternoon.

Gett’r done. See ya’ll on Monday

Workshop Details.

We’re going to head into the studio and create some artistic images with Brittany, Alex & Dina.  This will be a great meet up to practice posing skills, lighting skills and to get to play …oh and work with some gorgeous models and very sweet Motorcycle.  Make sure to have a look at the inspiration images.

In addition you will get one on one time with Dina to talk about creating that relationship with the model from the models perspective.  Continue Reading…


How much does that photo REALLY cost to create?

So for something different lately, I have been working on a workshop. I get a lot of people asking how I get that ‘look’, or lighting/processing questions.   So for some fun over the winter I thought  I’d share the bit of photo lighting knowledge I have with those that are up for it. Workshop dates coming soon.  The first workshop will be more where you’ll get to shoot in studio, and do shoot stuff you normally wouldn’t be able to, and I’ll be there to help you and make you a better photographer. Hopefully.

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Sarah Freemark

PwP Photos…and we are back at it.

Hey Everyone,

I am back at it again. Been really busy that last few months as I am sure those that follow me and occasionally read the blog post, have noticed that. Been a great few weeks, somethings have slipped thru the cracks, but we are back trying to get you all your images.

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Pets with Personalities – Stories from the Shoots

Hey Everyone!  First off I am a horrible blogger, well on the staying consistent part. I think that is rule one to being a good blogger, anyways back to the blog.  All these rules…between rules, life, work and my dog  that feels the best time for her to want anything is immediately as I finally start anything.  But not this time, I  have just done everything with her she may possibly  need me for so that she can keep herself happy for at least 9mins.

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