Isla Mujeres and it’s dogs.

Happy Tuesday sorta…! Been back in Canada for  a week now, kinda missing the warmth and the beach.

Some of ya may be aware I just got back from Mexico, spent some time on the island of Isla Mujeres  a small Mexican  island of the coast of Cancun, the island itself is very small only 7km long and at its widest it is 650 metres wide.  The food, the drink the people are amazing, touristy sorta but just a beautiful simple place.

I love the wander, take my camera and well go.   Techy stuff ahead….I did most of these shots with a Nikon D800 with a 50mm f1.8.  One image is with a Samung Note 4, you can probably tell which. All processed with Adobe Lightroom , Photoshop and a tweak in with Nik Collection, truthfully very little was done sharpen, blacks and and a touch of toning.

A few things with life are different in Mexico to say the least, but I love to shoot the dogs, they just generally roam.  Some of the dogs are in pretty rough shape.

We met a few years ago, this amazing woman from Canada, Alison Sawyer Current, Modern Dog magazine had just done a pretty awesome story on her work in Mexico. I won’t get into the amazing work she does, most of it out of her home on the island.  Check out her website and or her Facebook page ~ Isla Animals.  Truly amazing what she has done. Looking to donate to something different, Isla Animals could use your help. It is awesome how few dogs without collars there are  from 3 years ago as well how many dogs are on leashes from 3 years ago.  I must say you’d be amazed how well all the dogs behave no begging, jumping, growling etc…with that said one did get a tad excited last time and jump on me from behind and ripped  the linen shirt I was wearing (Tommy Bahama) but I am over that now.  ;)

Please check out the dogs  from my walks.  I didn’t feed them, nor pet them. Just a shoot and walk.  It is a sorta fun relaxing, back to my roots photography. Maybe a whistle but that is all.  One really sees the place different following the dogs.

Amazing how different this dogs live, and the cat.

Such a beautiful place. More water and beach next time






















Please spay and neutered your pets.


Watch for another Mexico blog soon. Thanks for looking.

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