RBC Bluesfest Photo Exhibit

Happy Friday,

Well the last couple days, bit of a daunting task to pull out my 3-4 favorite Bluesfest images for a Photo Exhibit starting May 3rd at OH SO GOOD! Gonna be a great music photography exhibit with another 11 photographers that have years of experience and some mad concert photography skills.  I am looking forward to seeing this photography.  Make sure your their at the opening May 3rd  from 2-5 at Oh So Good in Westboro.  If you like music and/or photography be a great 3hours.  Please come by say ‘Hi’ and come meet some of these amazingly talented Ottawa photographers.

So the last few weeks been trying to sort thru the files and find a couple that I am hoping you all wanna see in print.

It was certainly a walk down memory lane. These are some of my faves, ones I have shared some never shared. I did include the Sam Roberts image that won me the TalentHouse competition to shoot Soundgarden.

All these are digital files from either the Nikon D70, D200, D700 and the D800 with a variiety of lens bu the go to here looks like either to 80-200mm f2.8 or the 70-200 VRII f2.8

For this time I didn’t go back to the box of negatives to did out Smokey Robinson to Sting, maybe next time.

Remember if you purchase one of my prints during the show from May 3rd to June 26th I am gonna donate a percentage  back to Blues In The Schools

Enjoy and hope to see you all at OH SO GOOD!


RL Burnside – 2013 – Nikon D700


Lindsey Ferguson – 2010 – Nikon D200


Etta James – 2006 – Nikon F90 on Fuji Film


The Bacon Brothers – Kevin Bacon – 2010 – Nikon D200


The Moody Blues – Justin Hayward – 2010 – Nikon D70


Michale Franti – 2008 – Nikon D70


Sam Roberts – 2010 – Nikon D200


Great Big Sea – 2014 – Nikon D800


Sam Hunt – 2014 – Nikon d700


Tim Hicks – 2014 – Nikon D800


Amanda Rheaume 2014 – Nikon D800


Great Big Sea – Alan Doyle – 2013 – Nikon D700


Soundgarden – Chris Cornell 2011 – Nikon D200


Monster Truck – 2012 – Nikon D700


Kiss – Gene Simmons – 2009 – from the crown with a D70


Jeff Beck – 2009 – Nikon D70


Amanda Rheaume 2014 – Nikon D700


Seal – Nikon D700

Who is your guess for the final 4?

May 3rd to June 26th   Oh So Good    261 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6X1



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