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The Week Days

Happy Saturday!

Here we are, only 2 days left.  Been a blast, always a great time at ‘Bluesfest’.  So we got the Tuesday, Wednesday and the Thursday here…

Make sure you head over to Majic 100 and New Country 94 for more images.  For more in-depth RBC Bluesfest coverage and MORE photos be sure to check out Soundcheck Ent.

Check them on all you fave social media and check the websites

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First 4 Days of RBC Bluesfest

Technically it is the first 5, but the Jack U was added after and well I decided to skip the EDM.

After a couple of beautiful days at #RBCBluesfest2015 and that wicked warmth, a rest is alright today.  This year I am lucky enough to be cover the festival for Bell Media once again, you will be able to check those iamges out on their social media and website …with that said they may pop up in other places.  Some of the pages you wanna check out are New Country 94, Majic 100, 540 CFRA and CTV.

As well this year I will be cover loads off shows for the killer music e-zine…SOUNDCHECK Entertaiment…so much more then a blog.  Make sure you check out, these are the guys bringing you Capital Country Fest.Here are a couple of my faves and please check out those that employ me and give them a like, and like them photos.  It really does help.

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River’s Edge – Alex

Happy Friday,  We headed out late afternoon on Tuesday, we found a beautiful location on the Ottawa River.  We took Alex on a little adventure.  With Corey J. Stone doing the Make Up and Andrew Lessard assisting on the shoot.  We headed out to try some new lighting and modifiers. As well Corey was trying out some Cargo Cosmetic Products.

This is what we came away with from 3 hours on the shore of the Ottawa River.

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RBC Bluesfest Photo Exhibit

Happy Friday,

Well the last couple days, bit of a daunting task to pull out my 3-4 favorite Bluesfest images for a Photo Exhibit starting May 3rd at OH SO GOOD! Gonna be a great music photography exhibit with another 11 photographers that have years of experience and some mad concert photography skills.  I am looking forward to seeing this photography.  Make sure your their at the opening May 3rd  from 2-5 at Oh So Good in Westboro.  If you like music and/or photography be a great 3hours.  Please come by say ‘Hi’ and come meet some of these amazingly talented Ottawa photographers.

So the last few weeks been trying to sort thru the files and find a couple that I am hoping you all wanna see in print.

It was certainly a walk down memory lane. These are some of my faves, ones I have shared some never shared. I did include the Sam Roberts image that won me the TalentHouse competition to shoot Soundgarden.

All these are digital files from either the Nikon D70, D200, D700 and the D800 with a variiety of lens bu the go to here looks like either to 80-200mm f2.8 or the 70-200 VRII f2.8

For this time I didn’t go back to the box of negatives to did out Smokey Robinson to Sting, maybe next time.

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An evening with Alan Doyle

Great show Saturday night at Centrepointe Theatre  Alan Doyle! I got to be there and photograph it with amazing freedom that I don’t normally have.. Can’t wait to share. The B&W is Alan roaming the halls getting in the ‘zone’. Packed house, everyone was up dancing and he wowed the crowed for over 2 hrs . Then as a gracious host, he hung out with those that waited till after midnight, signing, chatting and get his pic taken.

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Some of my favourites from 2014

Happy Friday!

Another year over…well almost.   That time of year to recap what has been. Truthfully I should be processing not reminiscing about that past 12 months, but it is still early in the day, lots of time to get it all done.

I wanted to take some time and share a few of my favorite images that I got to be part of from this past year…2014.

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Happy Monday!

Sunday night just wasn’t the same without Walking Dead. But we are back into reality, after spending hours in the studio this weekend shooting headshots and more.  We took about 2hrs and shot the amazing lady from Halifax – Sierra: model & actress. Continue Reading…

Angela & Chris

A couple weeks back, I get a message on Facebook, from Angela.  She is ready for competition and sadly the photographer she booked fell ill.  Angela and I had a few back and forth emails.  Took a bit of work but she agreed to let Corey do her make up : )

We spent a couple hours on a Thursday afternoon i October  at the Gym they train outta and this is some of what we did that day.  This is what we got.

If you are looking for a Personnal Training hit them up they look good and are really good people.  You can find them at

Got lots of stuff, more soon when I get more time to process ‘em . Was a great shoot. Thanks for finding me Angela.

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Pop Expo 2014

Check out some of the sights at this years Pop Expo,

Always a fun event too shoot unfortunately I could only make it out for a bit on the Sunday.

Ottawa Pop Expo’s second edition was another success, with over 7,500 fans attending over two days. The annual fan convention showcased multiple genres in pop culture, including science-fiction, fantasy, horror, video games, animation, toys and comic books. Over two splendid days, fans in an out of costume beamed and smiled as they posed for pictures, attended celebrity Q&A’s, or hunted down that elusive collectible.

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Be ready for 2015

Happy Thursday!


Crazy enough 2015 is just around the corner, who knows what it brings with it.

Let’s get you ready for it.  For 2 days my team and I will be doing Professional Headshots in our Studio – 1700 sq.  We will have everything set up and good to go.  We will be doing some headshots for  acting, real estate, modeling, commercial work (law firms, doctors, writers etc) – getting you ready with a new headshot for your social media (ex LinkedIn) to help you move forward in your career. We are doing it on both days which includes a very rare Saturday (so you can do it and your boss will never know or so you don’t have to take time off work for your acting career). Continue Reading…

Black and White: 5 Day Black & White Challenge

I was recently nominated by a couple of my friends Sandy Sharkey & John Rowlands to take part in the 5 Day Black & White Challenge.  Quite simply, post a new black and white photo every day and then nominate someone else to do the same thing.  The “rules” were pretty loose, no need to have shot the photo that day for example.  I ended up sharing a mixture of older photos, and photos that I hadn’t previously gotten around to processing.

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Our Community

Happy Wednesday!

Pets with Personalities…well, it is as some of you may know, on the back burner this year.  We thought we’d take an extended time to make the next edition the best one yet. It will be our 4th edition next year. I will be keeping you all in the know about it. I kinda miss doing it this year.  Just time and commitments, as I am sure you are aware it is a very time consuming and big  endeavor… 2016. Continue Reading…

Jeff Logan Promo Photos

Like any photographer I should probably be at least processing and not writing a blog.

But I am gonna make a  bit of time today. Each day this week I am gonna try and post some different stuff I have shot recently and  ways I shoot it and any other technical tidbits I can throw at ya.

We headed out a couple weeks back  to shoot some promo stuff for Jeff Logan’s new project.  Who is Jeff Logan? Well I probably first really shot live images a few years ago of Jeff when he was playing Ottawa Bluesfest with Amanda Rheaume. I do know he plays with Country musician Brea Lawrenson. With that said, I also worked a bit on his charity event  “Beards for Breast”, Jeff is raising money for Babes 4 Breast that is coming up Sunday October 19th at Bassline Station. OK that may not have been the best bio but you are intrigued now you’re so gonna look him up on Facebook, aren’t ya?


Beards for Breast Poster - October 19th 2-6pm - Bassline Station

Beards for Breast Poster – October 19th 2-6pm – Bassline Station

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Bear Babe Redux

So it happened!

The good news is I lost nothing… a few months back one of my hard-drives died. A thanks to Mike (my resident computer wizard/brother in law) -  well he got everything back for me and most likely saved me a fortune…and a few grumpy clients.

So I was going thru the drive and making sure it was all good to go.

One of the projects that I was working on, that was on the drive from 2011,  some of you may remember was the 106.9FM Bear Babes.

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Workshop Poster

Light & Shoot It Workshop

Pretty excited to announce that I am doing a first for me, we are putting on a Photography workshop. I have teamed up with Parktown Studios to put on an amazing workshop with some even more amazing people.  First off, wait till you see the studio space – a 1700 square foot studio – 59ft long, 29ft wide, 25ft ceilings, 12×12 loading door at rear of studio.

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Hangin’ at Petrie Island with Tamara

Hey Guys,Been awhile…things have balanced out a bit around here. Always lots going on, sometimes is can be tough to get what needs to be done out and what should be done….save that for another day.
A few updates working on my new website, which if things stay on schedule will be live later this week, can’t wait to share it with you all.

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First shoot for 2014…

Here we are 2014.  First shoot underway…we did a quick one for Noelle you might recognize her she was last years January Bear Babe we shot at Kichesippi Brewery.  For the shoot we where working some a whole new crew.

Erin from Salon Bliss was doing hair & Stephanie Menard  doing Make Up & Styling.

These are some of the outtakes…a little more risque then what I normally post but ‘hey’.

Have a look.

Be warned lol

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Sarah Freemark

PwP Photos…and we are back at it.

Hey Everyone,

I am back at it again. Been really busy that last few months as I am sure those that follow me and occasionally read the blog post, have noticed that. Been a great few weeks, somethings have slipped thru the cracks, but we are back trying to get you all your images.

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Pets with Personalities – Stories from the Shoots

Hey Everyone!  First off I am a horrible blogger, well on the staying consistent part. I think that is rule one to being a good blogger, anyways back to the blog.  All these rules…between rules, life, work and my dog  that feels the best time for her to want anything is immediately as I finally start anything.  But not this time, I  have just done everything with her she may possibly  need me for so that she can keep herself happy for at least 9mins.

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That was a long blog break

Hey Everyone, been a few days since my last post.  That’s a small understatement.  Things have been crazy busy in the last 2 weeks we have shot 1 magazine cover, promo for TSN, 1 band CD, 3 band press photo, 1 wedding,  {lost count} but at least 5 of our Pets with Personalities  where shot just recently and of course all the stuff that goes with putting together the Pets with Personalities calendar and the parties that go with it.

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What’s Up! Weekend Edition

Hey Everyone, Happy Thursday!  Not much time today, headed to shoot the first of many over the next few days… 5 shoots over the next 4 days.
Looking forward to today’s shoot with The Claytones up on the lake some promo for them and we are working on the new PwP calendar the full band is in this year with all their animals. Then up Mika Zibanejad (man, I have trouble spelling that last name) at the newly named CT Center.  Then an doing some promo work for Country  Singer (sorta)  Sandi Gagnier on the beach.  Then Saturday promo for Big Money Shot band Arms of the Girl.

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Waterfall Shoot-Renee

We have a few weeks left of good weather.  We have time for a few more shoots if we move quick I would love to get another at least 5 fun sexy outdoor shoots in….who is up for one?

Some photos shot this summer of the beautiful Renee in studio and at a killer Orleans water fall.

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Last night…of Folkfest ’13

Canadian Legend GORDON LIGHTFOOT in 45 seconds.  One of the crazy parts to being a concert photographer is what amount of time we are allowed to shoot…ask me my Etta James story.  Some artist it is 2 songs maybe one song.  Generally it is 3 songs.  The amount of time we are allowed to shoot to who can shoot a show is dependent on so many things, the artist themselves, the management company, the booker, the venue, to the festival organizers.   Some acts there are just to many photographers in the ‘pit’ so they limited  the time,numbers etc…whatever it was last night I am glad I got my 45 seconds. A few for now of  Mr. Gordon Lightfoot, as you probably image  in  45 seconds the shots might have a bit of a similar look.

Canadian  Music Legend Gordon Lightfoot

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Do I shoot weddings?…Melanie & Rick’s

I get asked fairly often, “Do you shoot weddings?”  My answer is: yes, if it is the right one. I shoot a limited number a year.  A wedding is a long fun day with all kinds of variables and fun to it. I love shooting weddings – but for me  it has to be the right couple, the right family… but my main focus (no pun intended) is elsewhere in photography, so I’m booked pretty solid for summers and my schedule doesn’t permit a lot of time for weddings. But when the right couple comes along and my schedule works for it – by all means, let’s do it.

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Folkfest – Day 2

Happy Friday!  Welcome to my new way of sharing my most recent work with ya’ll. (I hate doing this so you know, but it is the way of the world. Changes you know, copyright, Facebook etc, that is why we are here.)

First day shooting at FOLKFEST, it’s the first time I’ve shot Folkfest at the new location. I think the last show I shot at Folkfest was Arlo Guthrie at Britannia.
As amazing time hanging with The Claytones, amazing band & amazing people in the band. Followed the night up with some PACK A.D on the CUPE stage from Vancouver.
Colin Meloy was on next over on the Ravenlaw Stage. Then we had some Vampire Weekend.

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