Workshop Details ~ Elements of a Successful Photo Shoot.

Hey all, here is all the Workshop deets, sorry I am slow at getting this up but hey I am new at this and busy trying to make the workshop killer. I tell ya it is tough writing about  what we are doing…why you ask?  Because there is so much to share, where to start,w hat to include and what I need to leave out so there is some surprise for ya you all

Once again it is a tad late we do have a lot or registrants we have a couple spots last I check out  and that was 2 ish yesterday afternoon.

Gett’r done. See ya’ll on Monday

Workshop Details.

We’re going to head into the studio and create some artistic images with Brittany, Alex & Dina.  This will be a great meet up to practice posing skills, lighting skills and to get to play …oh and work with some gorgeous models and very sweet Motorcycle.  Make sure to have a look at the inspiration images.

In addition you will get one on one time with Dina to talk about creating that relationship with the model from the models perspective.  One of the most important aspects of a photoshoot is your relationship and the trust model and photographer build.

In addition to some great chats and the information you will get from talking with  Make Up Artist Corey J. Stone  and the great info you take away from Ottawa Stylist Josee Martel  on little things you can add or take away  to make things that much better

Then for fun we will be doing 5ft Octobox set up with strips and shooting a commercial motorcycle lighting set up with the models.  The stop watch will be running we are going to give you 10mins where you get 1 on 1 time with the model.

(I ask that we keep over the shoulder shooting to a minimum and I do not allow gang shooting except in special circumstances. While someone is shooting I encourage you to ask questions and share your images with the group.)

All about the little Things:

While shooting I will try to add as many tidbits of information and coach you on shooting technique, lighting and compositional elements. My goal is that you become a better shooter and start looking for the small details that make the difference between a good shot and a great shot.

We are going to use all studio lighting for this event.  Without light heads you will get to try out a 57 inch Octobox, 2×3 softbox to 1×3 strip lights and more.  We will have to 2 triggers going one on each set up.   We have a really fun education assignment as well.  Where you will get to work with “the team” to create your own team image.

This isn’t a shoot around; you will all get time to shoot, individual time with each set up. This will be a learning experience. You do not need to be a pro to attend you need to be a fun, creative and willing to learn nice person. Come ready to learn and ask questions.

This really is a fantastic opportunity for you to get some shots in an environment you wouldn’t normally have access to. This is a first come first serve so please book ASAP as this will sell out.

We will have refreshments and snacks and other surprises.

The Inspiration

Brittany  MUA - Corey J. Stone Styling - Josee Martel Jewelry - Beaded Dreams

MUA – Corey J. Stone
Styling – Josee Martel
Jewelry – Beaded Dreams


Alex MUA - Corey J. Stone Styling - Josee Martel

MUA – Corey J. Stone
Styling – Josee Martel


IMAGE USAGE:  In all PARKTOWN STUDIOS  workshops, images can be used later for self promotion in online galleries, Facebook, Twitter and websites etc… You cannot sell the images commercially without obtaining a separate release from the model. A non commercial photographer release will be provided to all attendees.


TO REGISTER: Registration is only $124.99 plus tax registration is limited. Email Jenn at Parktown Studios –   and questions  please email

GEAR:  It goes without saying that you’ll need your DSLR but you’ll need an assortment of lenses to capture the different scenes. Bring a 24-70 and 70-200 but if you have some fast primes like a 50 or 85 you will find those handy too. I’ll provide all he lighting gear we need.  We will provide the triggers.

If you want to try out Lens or don’t have a DSLR we have rentals. We have two Canon bodies for rent  with lens and we have some Nikon Lenses to rent as well


Sadly Tamara can’t make the shoot on Monday due to work commitments but dont worry we will have a very worthy replacement

Registration Poster

Registration Poster

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